Coronavirus Update March 20th 2020!

Please see below detailed questions and answers relating to queries we are receiving about travel
to Croatia

  • Are there any infections in Croatia ?

    As of today, there are 86 reported cases of patients infected with Coronavirus who are in quarantine. Croatia has a population of 4 million people, therefore it’s a very small number.

    It is worth noting that Croatia is one of the least affected countries in Europe, when compared to Italy, Spain, Germany and France who have all recorded triple digit infection cases.

  • Croatia 14 days self- Quarantine Policy

    To stop the spread of the Coronavirus in Croatia. The Croatian Government has imposed a self-quarantine process of 14 days for any travellers coming from the
    following countries Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Iran, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & Singapore.

    Having spoken to relevant authorities, we believe that this ban will be in place for a short period and will only affect clients travelling in March and part of April.

  • Should I be worried about travelling in Croatia?

    There are no direct flights from China to Croatia which is a big positive. Furthermore, many visitors from Asia are required to obtain Schengen Visas to visit Croatia which have become much harder to get since the virus was announced. Croatia is largely a Summer destination, therefore most people travel to Croatia between May and October when the warmer weather begins. The Winter months do bring a limited number of groups from Asia. However the more stringent Schengen visa rules put in place has led to a lot of groups cancelling their trips to Croatia. Whilst this has impacted hotels with less bookings, it has also reduced the chance of the virus getting to Croatia.

    Italy has imposed a countrywide quarantine to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore travellers from Italy are not allowed to enter Croatia.

  • Is there a chance I could be quarantined on arrival in Croatia?

    There have been rumours that visitors could get quarantined if they have travelled through one of the heavily infected areas. These are baseless rumours and have been verified with the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia. Visitors to Croatia, whether arriving through a border crossing or by air will be asked to complete a form from the World Health Organisation (WHO), which asks visitors to specify where they have travelled to prior visiting Croatia. This is so the WHO can keep track of traveller movements and if an outbreak is detected, they can track back to the original source.

  • What is current advisory level for Croatia?

    The US State Department has 4 levels of advisories it uses. Level 1 is the lowest and is used for all countries with no reported risks, including the US. Level 4 is the highest advisory and suggests against all but essential travel to that country.

    Croatia is at Level 1 status, which is the lowest risk.

    The Foreign Commonwealth Office has no advisory against travel to Croatia.

    The Australian Government has no advisory against travel to Croatia

  • Will my small Private yacht cruise be affected by this?

    Our small luxury Yachts that we operate are like boutique Villa with just 12 guests on board, almost all of the passengers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. We don’t actively sell to countries outside of these English-speaking areas. Our cruises visit smaller islands such as Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Lastovo and others which are far less crowded than some of the bigger cities around the world, which have been impacted. Also a note that our day yacht cruise is only for a maximum 8 hours after which you are back at the comfort of your own Villa based on korcula island.

  • What support do you have on ground?

    We have a 24/7 concierge service, highly experienced Captains and an operational office on Korcula island which is on hand to deal with any problems that arise. The benefit of Yacht cruise is that they visit smaller less visited ports and sail along the coast, so if medical treatment is required, we can react very quickly. Also once again keep in mind that your base on all of our Holiday Packages is a Villa on Korcula island not a Yacht.

  • What are healthcare facilities in Croatia like?

    Healthcare facilities in Croatia are considered to be of a very high standard and in line with EU standards. It’s important to note that healthcare is free to all  Croatian citizens with the country benefiting from advanced treatment and the latest technology. There are hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik which are a couple of hours away from any one point you will be travelling with us.

  • I am concerened whether or not to travel in Croatia. What do you advice?

    We understand that many guests’ travel arrangements have been affected. As a result, we have temporarily added flexibility to our terms until further notice to help travellers navigate through these difficult times, including:

    • Flexi-bookings: Changes to your departure date can be made up to 14 days before departure, with no admin fee
    • Take your Time: Balance payments have been extended from 8 weeks before departure and are not due until 14 days before departure
    • Credit: Roll your booking over to a later date in 2020…or all the way to 2022. With no admin fees, and still discounted 2020 fares , its up to you!

    The Summer months will soon be upon us and this virus which is like any flu type virus will slow down considerably when the warmer weather begins, which in Europe is generally from early April.

    There are also a very small number of cases in Croatia and they are all recovering.

  • I want to cancel my trip , what are the costs involved?

    At the minute the US state department (US), Foreign Commonwealth Office (UK) and Australian Government have not raised any concerning travel advisories
    against travelling to Croatia.

    Therefore, we are following our standard cancellation terms, which can be found here:

    You can view the travel advisories for citizens from each country by clicking here:
    US State Department Croatia Advisory
    Foreign Commonwealth Office Croatia Advisory
    Australian Government Croatia Advisory

  • Korcula Adventures Owner & Captain Personal Note

    I am also reaching out with my personal insights on a serious topic, a topic that is clearly top of mind for us all. Obviously, I am talking about the coronavirus (COVID – 19). As an active traveler myself (just back from Sarajevo Family skiing Holiday  and now headed out next weekend to Montenegro Quad safari trip ) and a trusted expert on adventure travel for some 20 years now, my phone (and email) has been ringing off the hook for my personal insights on the current and forecasted impact of this latest Virus affecting us all. In the next few lines, I am going to do my best to address this unfortunate situation. Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor nor an expert on such viruses. That said, I do feel I am qualified to speak to what it means to us here at Korcula Adventures and our travelers. I do so to help our travelers make informed decisions.

    Now in an honest and sincere attempt to calm travel fears without making light of a serious subject. Last time I checked, we do not have a crystal ball, and no
    one knows where we will be in 30-60-90 days. While I remain confident, the real experts are working diligently to get this situation under control, and it will
    not adversely affect our 2020 summer adventures. We are suggesting holding off booking air travel until we get closer to travel dates, interestingly enough this
    could have the benefit of reduced airfares. Now a few of my personal thoughts. No disrespect to the media, none intended, it seems to sensationalize is the rule
    of the day. We live in a world of 24 hours instant “news bulletins” coming at us from every direction. While I feel the benefit of this instant and constant barrage of “news” benefits far outweigh any negatives, it does create an environment of “needing” content. In the process, we get pounded from all directions. The key is sorting through and looking at and for facts. This isn’t our first “virus scare,” we lived through SARS, EBOLA, Mad Cow, Swine Flu, to name a few. And we will see this latest scare play out in time.

    By the nature of “our style” of adventure travel, we feel we are at a lower risk than some may think. We are not “Big Group Tours neither a big cruis eship ” We are avoiding crowds at every turn. We want to get you out and in the backcountry,Croatian islands ,  out on the trails, and into the fresh air! For instance Dubrovnik region and especially Croatian islands are not effected at all in any case of Corona virus and I am sure it will stay that way . Please keep in mind travelers and the euros they spend is not only our lifeblood but many of the communities we visit. The ripple effect of fewer travelers can (and will) have a
    devastating impact on small communities around the globe (including right here at home). We remain committed to making educated decisions and doing our part to not overreact and yet take the precautions warranted.

    While I could go into all the reasons why I personally think traveling is still a safe bet and where I see this all going in the weeks ahead, that would be in poor taste. It is serious, and we should take it seriously. I only advocate we do not overreact and make informed decisions.

    All that said, thank you for listening, thank you for your booking with us . This, too, shall pass, and in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out anytime. Myself (email and cell  below) and our fantastic team are all here for you.

1. What is the difference between Croatia small ship cruises & Yacht & Villa Holiday packages?

  • Accommodation. You’ll find that suites on a mini cruise span an average of 10 meters squared. In comparison, by booking any of our holiday package you’ll have on average a luxurious Villa of 120 metres squared to enjoy all to yourself!
  • Intimate capacity. Our Villa and Yacht Package have a maximum capacity of 18 guests, whilst on a mini cruise vessel you can expect to find between 30 and 40 passengers. In addition, the guest to crew ratio on our holiday packages is 1:1, whilst on a cruise it is nearer to 4:1. Both these factors allow us to deliver an exceptional level of personalized service, as well as giving you more of a chance to get to know your fellow holidaymakers.
  • Inclusivity. Our holiday packages are all-inclusive (except the round airfares) encompassing all things big and small, from private round airport transfers and national park entrance fees, to daily meals and alcoholic drinks , tour guides,yacht cruises, your own free car, speed boat, mountain bikes, kayaks, SUP boards during your entire stay. Meanwhile, on a mini cruise package, you’ll have to watch out for some extra expenses.
  • Timing. The small cruise ships operate on a tight time schedule and are typically limited to docking at each destination for one night only, from around 5 pm until the next morning. Meanwhile, we have high-speed yachts at our disposal which puts all the major island destinations within easy reach. Within a couple of hours from our Villas base on Korcula island, you can access the delights of Dubrovnik, Split, Mljet, Hvar, Vis, Brač, Lastovo islands the Peljesac peninsula. This means you’ll have more time to immerse yourself in each place, fit more into your schedule overall, as well as enjoy more downtime back in your villa base on Korcula.

2. What are the Villas sleeping arrangements?

We offer luxury stays on your own selection in one of our 10 different 5-star boutique-style villas located in close vicinity to each other in Lumbarda Villiage on Korcula island. Villas can accommodate 2 guests to up to 14 guests.

If you are having a big group of friends or families, combining two or more Villas is the perfect solution. Our Villa rooms are luxurious and spacious consisting of twin or double king size beds, spacious living rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and dining areas. Most of the villas have their own outdoor pools, gyms, and whirlpools.

3. What are the yachts like?

The best way to describe our yachts is to imagine a super-fast luxury apartment on the water: two sleeping rooms, two bathrooms, one common room with kitchen supplies and a whole deck above you to relax under the sun. Our motor yacht features the classic design, with ample room both inside and out, as well as outstanding performance in all conditions. Launched at the Scandinavian Boat Show in Stockholm in 2012, the Targa 44 & Targa 46 won the Motorboat of the Show award. Our yachts boast an open deck space that can accommodate up to 18 guests, including a flybridge and plenty of room for sunbathing. Onboard, you’ll also find modern kitchen facilities and a cozy cabin with two toilets and a shower.

4. What is food & drink like ?

Each morning, our Main Captains Villa chef will prepare a breakfast buffet with hot and cold dishes. An Ala-Carte Menu is included in the price of all holiday packages as well. A traditional three-course lunch is also served daily, prepared by our onboard chef on a yacht or at our Main Captain Villa if the excursion is land-based. During lunch, guests are welcome to a complimentary beer, wine, or soft drink. There is also at least one evening meal included during the holiday package: a Captain’s Farewell Dinner. On the other evenings, we encourage you to explore the local restaurants in the evening and enjoy the local cuisine. We can offer suggestions on the best places to go.

5. Is the car and speed boat included during our entire stay and can we take it out anytime on our own? How about the cost of fuel?

Yes it is, in the Holiday package inclusion you are entitled to use your own car and a speed boat anytime you wish. Fuel and insurance are also covered.

6. What about if we do not want to drive on our Holiday?

Than we provide our own Villa Chauffer service at no additional coast during your entire stay.

7. I am a Vegetarian/vegan and have special dietary needs (gluten free, allergies etc.). Can you cater for me?

Our Villa Cheff is able to cater for vegetarians and all kind of cuisine as well as with travelers with special dietary requests. If you are allergic to certain foods, please specify in advance what this includes. We will note this so the cook can be prepared.

8. What kind of people will be in my group on a daily excursion experience?

Croatia Yachting Holiday Packages are aimed at 18 to 70 year olds. We find most of our clients are a mix of couples, groups, and families with grown-up kids. Most are from English-speaking countries. Whilst ages and backgrounds differ, we find most of our clients are young-at-heart travelers with who are looking for a unique way to experience the Croatia!

9. How many guests am I expecting on a Yacht daily Island hopping Cruise?

As we tailor our Holiday packages throughout any day of the week, it is likely to be on the yacht with never more than 14 guests at a time.

10. If we choose Yachting & Villa Holiday package can we still do a Buggy safari, Wake boarding or any other day Excursion?

Of course, we only have one simple rule and that is one excursion per day.

11. Can we use our own Sea kayaks, bikes, SUP boards or snorkeling gear all the time?

Yes you can have all on-site sports equipment available at your own Villa during your entire stay.

12. Will I get free time?

Absolutely! When we arrive at our destination with our Yacht each morning after the guided tour of the particular island you are free to explore the shore as well. Our knowledgeable tour guide will be able to direct you to the best places to eat, drink or shop.

13. I am traveling by myself. Is there a single supplement?

If you are traveling on your own and wish to have the specific Villa suite to yourself, a Single Supplement is applicable, which is 80% of the one person price.

14. If we Opt-in for a Family Activity Holiday package can we still pick some of Yacht island-hopping excursions instead of adventure ones as well?

Yes most definitely, or we can make a good compromise between two or more different package inclusions as well with minimum price adjustments.

15. Where is daily breakfast, lunch and farewell dinner beeing served?

Captains Villa is our main Villa located in Lumbarda Villiage with onsite restaurant where all meals are being served , therefore the main reason we give our guest an option of having their own car for easy drive for meals, shopping, evening venues, or we offer a chauffeur service during your entire stay.

16. Where and when is starting time and place of daily excursion expereinces?

Captains Villa is the starting point for all daily excursions . Only Captain’s Villa has got a private jetty and Yacht encounter for daily island hopping. The usual day starts after a hearty breakfast served at the Captain’s Villa between 9.00. am. – 10.00 am and return is around 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm latest.
Note: After breakfast service, there is no more returning to the Villa you are staying at, so we kindly ask you to take beach towels from your Villa for the day.

17. Are hand towels, beach towels and hair dryers provided at the Villa?

Yes they are, which will definetly save space when packing.

18. Do all Villas have washing machines?

Yes, all our Villas are equipped with high quality washing machines.

19. Can we start our Holiday package any day of the week?

Yes, as we specialize in completely Customise Vacations you can start any day of the week which suits your flight most.

20. What is best arrivial/departure timing in Dubrovnik or Split airports?

We would advise for your arrival flights to arrive any time after 9.00 am and for departure not to be earlier than 11.00 am from both Dubrovnik or Split airports.

21. Can we start our Holiday Package in Dubrovnik and leave from Split, or other way around?

Yes, you can start your Holiday Package with us from Dubrovnik and leave from Split or even another way around, we are sorting out your private airport transfer smoothly as well.

22. Can we start our Holiday package from accommodation or Hotel address in Split or Dubrovnik?

Yes most definitely, we will pick you up by our Private chauffer from any accommodation or Hotel either Split or Dubrovnik and perform the transfer to your Villa on Korcula island.

23. Are airport transfer from Split or Dubrovnik airports to the Villa on Korcula island Included?

Yes, as part of all of our Holiday Packages, all transfers are included between the airport or accommodation addresses and your Villa on Korcula island. Transfers from the Villa to the airport are also included on the last day of your holiday with us. Please let us know your flight details (flight number, arrival/departure time) at least 14 days before departure by emailing us on Once we have this information we will be happy to arrange this for you.