2 08, 2018

Balkan Holidays

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Thinking about summertime in the Balkans?!? Balkan holidays can be a Great idea! You are more than welcome. Since the Adriatic has so many beautiful places to visit it is not easy to choose just one destination that will fit you the best. We understand that you might want to see as many places as possible – but don’t make the mistake of overbooking your time and make your holiday into a hard marathon instead of a pleasant and comfortable time in the Balkans.

31 07, 2018

Croatia Honeymoon

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Before we start with our list we need to emphasize one thing – make a plan, but together! Neither Korcula nor any other destination would be good enough if you haven’t make a plan, at least in outline, and if you haven’t make it together.

27 07, 2018

Korcula Wine Tour

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A visit to Korcula island is not complete without a Korcula wine tasting tour. The same applies if you are visiting the Peljesac peninsula. Both places are famous for their local wines: Korcula is known for the authentic white wine varieties Posip and Grk, and Peljesac for Plavac Mali (‘little blue’), Dingac and Postup. If you are a true wine lover make sure to go on a Korcula wine tour.  Maybe an even better idea is to make a Korcula and Peljesac combination

20 07, 2018

Croatia Holidays

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When we talk about Croatia holidays we are speaking of luxury tours tailored to your expectations. We offer a range of memorable excursions to all of Croatia’s top destinations, from visiting pearls of the Adriatic, a yachting and villa combo or some active packages like our Islands Hike and Bike or a family multi active package.

29 06, 2018

How a Croatia private excursion can make your dreams come true?

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If you have a plan to visit Croatia, you won’t regret. With beauties and wonders, it will get heart desire of every wanderlust. If you are coming to Croatia, make sure to visit several places but choose one which will be unique – make one private excursion that will get your heart desire.

28 06, 2018

Korcula Day Trip

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If you are planning a day trip to an island, it should be Korcula. The reason why a Korcula day trip is a great idea is simple – it’s a place where you can enjoy such a great variety of activities. You can go swimming, take a biking tour, explore the city, take a trip around the beautiful nearby islets or simply enjoy some fun in the sun.

20 06, 2018

Things to Do in Korcula

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Croatia has 1,244 islands, of which about 70 are inhabited; of those every one has a story, a history, a tradition. The beauty and variety of the coast and its myriad islands make this whole region one of the most fascinating and alluring in the Mediterranean.

12 06, 2018

Korcula Island Holidays

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How do you imagine your summer holidays? As a unique fusion of picturesque nature, rich cultural heritage, and idyllic beaches where fun and relaxation is the only option? If your answer is yes, Korcula Island Holidays should be high on your wish list.

16 05, 2017

Korcula Adventures Holiday Packages vs Croatia Mini Cruise Ship Holiday Packages

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There are several different ways to explore the beautiful islands of the Croatian Adriatic. One option is to book a mini cruise holiday package that [...]

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