Croatia Honeymoon

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Before we start with our list we need to emphasize one thing – make a plan, but together! Neither Korcula nor any other destination would be good enough if you haven’t make a plan, at least in outline, and if you haven’t make it together.

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How a Croatia private excursion can make your dreams come true?

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If you have a plan to visit Croatia, you won’t regret. With beauties and wonders, it will get heart desire of every wanderlust. If you are coming to Croatia, make sure to visit several places but choose one which will be unique – make one private excursion that will get your heart desire.

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Korcula Day Trip

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If you are planning a day trip to an island, it should be Korcula. The reason why a Korcula day trip is a great idea is simple – it’s a place where you can enjoy such a great variety of activities. You can go swimming, take a biking tour, explore the city, take a trip around the beautiful nearby islets or simply enjoy some fun in the sun.

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Things to Do in Korcula

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Croatia has 1,244 islands, of which about 70 are inhabited; of those every one has a story, a history, a tradition. The beauty and variety of the coast and its myriad islands make this whole region one of the most fascinating and alluring in the Mediterranean.

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