Coronavirus Update September 2020!

Please see below detailed questions and answers relating to queries we are receiving about travel
to Croatia

  • Are there any infections in Croatia?

    As of today, there are 2.950 reported cases of patients infected with Coronavirus who are in quarantine. Croatia has a population of 4 million people, therefore it’s a very small number.

    It is worth noting that Croatia is one of the least affected countries in Europe when compared to Italy, Spain, Germany, and France who have all recorded triple-digit infection cases.

  • Should I be worried about traveling in Croatia?

    As of May 11. 2020. Croatian borders are officially open for all Tourists which have valid reservations in Hotels, Villas, Holiday Packages etc..

    Thanks to excellent medical facilities and very stringent lockdown measures, Croatia has emerged as one of the least impacted countries in Europe. With less than 3.000 total infections and under 120 total deaths since the pandemic started in March, the country has now successfully re-opened its borders.

    The Croatian Government has announced that guests booked on cruises and Villa holidays from June are allowed to enter the country. This is on the basis they provide a booking confirmation for their trip on arrival at border control. There are no further quarantine measures in place for arrivals from U.K. Ireland  into Croatia.

  • What is the current advisory level for Croatia?

    Government Advisory Bodies:

    Ireland – Travel Advice
    Canada – Travel
    Australia – Smart Traveller
    New Zealand – Safe Travel
    United States of America – Travel State
    United Kingdom – Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    South Africa – South African Government

  • Will my small Private yacht cruise  & Villa combo be affected by this?

    The Private small luxury Yachts that we operate are like boutique Villa, and it is important to stress that in this COVID-19
    the situation we will operate ONLY Private cruises with our Motor Yachts.

    Important note that particularly Korcula island where is your home base and our Yachts is completely Corona free zone, since the very beginning of COVID-19 pandemic. Also, note that our day yachts cruises last for a maximum 8 hours after which you are back at the comfort of your own Private Villa based on korcula island.

  • What support do you have on ground?

    We have a 24/7 concierge service, highly experienced Captains and an operational office on Korcula island which is on hand to deal with any problems that arise. The benefit of Yacht cruise is that they visit smaller less visited ports and sail along the coast, so if medical treatment is required, we can react very quickly. Also once again keep in mind that your base on all of our Holiday Packages is a Villa on Korcula island not a Yacht.

  • What are healthcare facilities in Croatia like?

    Healthcare facilities in Croatia are considered to be of a very high standard and in line with EU standards. It’s important to note that healthcare is free to all  Croatian citizens with the country benefiting from advanced treatment and the latest technology. There are hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik which are a couple of hours away from any one point you will be travelling with us.

  • I am concerned about whether or not to travel to Croatia. I might Cancel the Trip? What do you advise?

    • 2020 COVID- 19 Cancellation Policy** We understand that many guests’ travel arrangements have been affected and these are incredibly uncertain times and we are continually reviewing and updating our policies in line with government guidelines.
    • An important note is if the holiday package you booked with us has not yet been canceled by us, we are not accepting refund requests. If you have paid your final payment and if you have booked a Holiday Package scheduled to depart between May 2020 and October  31st 2020, and not able to travel because of your country’s COVID-19 restrictions you will be provided with a future travel credit voucher valued at 100% of the price paid for a holiday package and any ancillary services including hotels, villas, activities, meals, and transfers; but excluding insurance.This travel credit voucher will be automatically applied to your Korcula Adventures account and can be applied toward any Korcula Adventures Holiday package departing up to five years from the end of the month of your Holiday package start date or latest October 2025. As a result of the above, we have temporarily added flexibility to our terms until further notice to help travelers navigate through these difficult times, including:
      • Flexi-bookings: Changes to your departure date can be made up to 7 days before departure, with no admin fee
      • Vouchered Credit: Roll your booking over to a later date in 2020…or all the way to 2025. With no admin fees, and still discounted 2020 fares.
    • Please also read this helpful U.K.Tourist board link:
  • Korcula Adventures Owner & Captain Personal Note

    I am also reaching out with my personal insights on a serious topic, a topic that is clearly top of mind for us all. Obviously, I am talking about the coronavirus (COVID – 19). As an active traveler myself my phone (and email) has been ringing off the hook for my personal insights on the current and forecasted impact of this latest Virus affecting us all. In the next few lines, I am going to do my best to address this unfortunate situation. Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor nor an expert on such viruses. That said, I do feel I am qualified to speak to what it means to us here at Korcula Adventures and our travelers. I do so to help our travelers make informed decisions.

    Now in an honest and sincere attempt to calm travel fears without making light of a serious subject. Last time I checked, we do not have a crystal ball, and no
    one knows where we will be in 30-60-90 days. While I remain confident, the real experts are working diligently to get this situation under control, and it will
    not adversely affect our 2020 summer adventures. We are suggesting holding off booking air travel until we get closer to travel dates.

    By the nature of “our style” of adventure travel, we feel we are at a lower risk than some may think. We are not “Big Group Tours neither a big cruise ship ” We are avoiding crowds at every turn. We want to get you out and in the backcountry, Croatian islands, out on the trails, and into the fresh air!

    Additionally as of COVID 19 situation to additionally enhance your Holiday with us we made all of our Holiday Packages and Day Excursions in 2020 /2021 PRIVATE ones, which means you will have your own private villa to stay in, your own private tours, private tour guides, Private Yacht, private chef, meals and evening venues as well.

    For instance, Korcula island is Corona free zone as it is not affected at all in any case of Coronavirus and I am sure it will stay that way. Please keep in mind travelers and the euros they spend is not only our lifeblood but many of the communities we visit. The ripple effect of fewer travelers can (and will) have a
    devastating impact on small communities around the globe (including right here at home). We remain committed to making educated decisions and doing our part to not overreact and yet take the precautions warranted.

    While I could go into all the reasons why I personally think traveling is still a safe bet and where I see this all going in the weeks ahead, that would be in poor taste. It is serious, and we should take it seriously. I only advocate we do not overreact and make informed decisions.

    All that said, thank you for listening, thank you for your booking with us . This, too, shall pass, and in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out anytime. Myself (email and cell below) and our fantastic team are all here for you.