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Formally called The Imperial Island by the Romans, Lastovo is today considered to be one of the most beautiful islands on the Croatian coast. During the 1970s and 1980s, it served as a military base for the Yugoslavian Army. For that reason, organized tourism never existed in Lastovo. Due to that part of the island’s history, Lastovo kept ist natural, untouched wooded beauty and a feeling of remoteness.

Lastovo Korcula
lastovo sunset

Lastovo island is a quiet and peaceful place. Located in the inland is the main town that shares the same name as the island. Hum is the highest peak of the island and provides stunning views. On a bright and sunny day, it’s even possible to see the Italian coast. Alongside the main town of Lastovo, there is a small, coastal town Ubli that is well connected to the rest of the island by local buses and taxi service.

In Ubli, you have an opportunity to rent a scooter and take a ride across the island. If you are a fan of adventures and nature, you can rent a bike as well, and explore the island. There is no heavy traffic, and the island is full of off-road paths that are perfect for a bit of an adventure.

The majority of the island’s cafes and restaurants you can find in the center of Ubli, the only hotel on the island, is in a small coastal place near Ubli called Pasadur. The location of the central city of Lastovo is very unusual for the islands since the town Lastovo is situated inland and not by the coast. That is because the inhabitants had to hide from the pirates who tried to overtake the island numerous times throughout history. Lastovo town is a picturesque place filled with old stone houses stacked on a slope, and its beauty is worth seeing for yourself. The island of Lastovo and its archipelago, including 44 islands are a protected Nature Park filled with natural, untouched landscapes surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic sea.

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