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Mljet National Park is one of the main protected nature areas of Dalmatia, taking up half of the same-named island it is cycling, hiking, kayaking, and swimming haven. Mljet will take your breath away with its stunningly green inland lakes and forests, By taking a boat ride across the island lakes reach the islet of Melita, in the middle of the great lake, and visit a tiny Benedictine monastery erected there in the 12th century.

Mljet island boat tours
Mljet island yacht tours

Mljet Island is positioned in Croatia’s Dalmatian region and is the southernmost and easternmost island in the Adriatic Sea. Covering one entire half of Mljet Island is a marvelous National Park that attracts a significant number of tourists each year. The famous Mljet National Park contains two of Croatia’s well-known attractions – Veliko Jezero (large) and Malo Jezero (small) saltwater lakes. Pathways, biking, and hiking trails, as well as shady, scented pine and bay woods that are perfect for exploring encircle the beautiful lakes. You can also enjoy the picturesque view of Mljet from the sea perspective by riding a kayak.

The attractions situated in the National Park can be explored on foot or by hiring a bike to cover much more ground quicker. The natural saltwater lakes lay across 4km of the park and create a tranquil beauty spot. Located in the center of the large lake is the little island of Sveta Marija. Board a boat and enjoy a scenic sail to discover the 12th-century church and the Benedictine monastery situated on the isle. The monastery changed its look into a delightful café/restaurant where you can enjoy a drink and snacks while soaking in the historic atmosphere.

From the peaks of the nearby hills, you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the National Park and majestic coastline. Visit the village of Babino Polje, the island’s largest settlement, by renting a bike. Visit the splendid Odisejeva špilja, a coastal limestone cave, and admire its 66ft long tunnel and ancient Greek atmosphere. There are many secluded coves and bays on the island of Mljet, where you can easily find a picture-perfect, peaceful location for relaxation. Take a swim in the turquoise crystal clear waters and enjoy the peace and tranquility of majestic Mljet Island.

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