A Korcula Day Trip is a great Idea, and here is why

If you are planning a day trip to an island, it should be Korcula. The reason why a Korcula day trip is a great idea is simple – it’s a place where you can enjoy such a great variety of activities. You can go swimming, take a biking tour, explore the city, take a trip around the beautiful nearby islets or simply enjoy some fun in the sun. And it is not only about nature attractions or adventures in Korcula. Locals here take great pride in their island’s heritage and culture, with many age-old traditions. The island is often described as “Croatia in miniature” because it encompasses the very best this country has to offer.

You like active holidays and are always looking for adventures? Whether you love more water sports or mountains you can have a great time. On a Korcula wakeboarding excursion, you will have a 4-hour adrenaline kick. Part of what makes this a great deal is that the day includes more adventure for one price. The first part is for wake surfing or tubing around the Korcula islands – and then you can choose between snorkeling and relaxing aboard our power speedboat!

For those who like nature but aren’t ready to try wakeboarding the Mountainbike eco adventure is an ideal option. It is about an epic ride with gorgeous coastal and rural scenery. There are plenty of stops for relaxing and admiring the beautiful views.

Extra note: the first day trip that we mentioned – the Korcula wakeboard excursion is for those with a bit more experience – an intermediate level of skill and fitness, while the mountain bike eco experience is suitable for most ages and abilities

Korcula Day Trip

Korcula day trip for hedonists

Dear hedonists, you won’t be disappointed with the Korcula day trip for sure. What do you say to a Korcula wine tasting, dining and cruising excursion? Delicious food and even more delicious Croatian wines at a local winery, then sailing towards Korcula and a four-course Mediterranean dinner on our yacht. The only option is to book and experience it for yourself! It would be too bad to visit Korcula and miss it.

We recommend our cruise option with dinner. It is a great way to experience more and to enjoy more. Korcula sunset cruise and dinner will exceed all expectations and provide a night to remember.

Korcula Old Town

Korcula day trip for culture lovers & explorers

Korcula island is renowned for its history and turbulent past. The most highlighted attraction is the Old Town, often referred to as “Little Dubrovnik” which includes several churches which date from the 13th century and the house of Marco Polo. All of these attractions you will discover on the Korcula island and Marco Polo museum tour.

If you want to see more and combine culture with nature then your perfect choice is the “Korcula three island Yacht cruise“. After a private tour of Korcula old town and the Marco Polo Museum visit comes a cruise around the three islands – Badija, Vrnik and Stupe Moro beach club. At the end of the day you will enjoy a three-course Dalmatian lunch served aboard our luxury yacht. Just note that here you can have an extra dose of adventure because snorkeling excursions and stand up paddle-boarding at two different locations are included with full gear.

Korcula is calling. It’s up to you to choose a Korcula day trip to remember.