Our Luxury, Ultimate Luxury Villas & Seafront Resorts on Korcula island

Exceptional position and luxury amenities on Korcula island

Stunning views, complete privacy, a hi-spec and opulent interior, beautiful gardens, and wow-factor design all conjure up the image of a luxury villa, as does a fantastic location.

Indeed, Korcula Island has some stunning and exclusive villas ranging from contemporary and award winning designer villas, to classic, traditional summer mansions and each is very much it’s own individual entity – and, of course, as ever, the detail is what matters.

Exceptional position and luxury amenities of all of our Luxury Villas , Ultimate Villas and Korcula Seafront Resorts are here further enriched with Korcula Adventures Holiday package inclusions which takes all stress out of planning your Holiday itinerary, day activities and definitely include the best value for your money.

Inclusions such as; bespoke private yacht cruises, private airport chauffeur transfer, half board meals, private car & speed boat during your entire stay, wast array of adventure excursions for your kids, daily housekeeping, private tour guides, and the whole team behind who takes very special care of all your needs and requirements.

In our Luxury Korcula Villas section we have aimed to guide you as to the standard of each luxury villa. The Ultimate Luxury Villa range are the best villas on Korcula island and they have a range of additional bespoke guests services available for your comfort and convenience. Please refer to our Luxury Categories for more information on how we have defined each category.

The beauty of our both Korcula Seafront Resorts can hardly be described. Here on the dreamy beaches of Tara’s Lodge Boutique Hotel and Korcula Hill Resort you can enjoy this splendor from a front row seat.

Both Resorts are located in a natural Žrnovska banja bay, shaded by a beautiful pine and olive trees , you can enjoy exclusive relaxation and swimming fun especially on most wanted insagram photo of a Korcula island famous Sea swing which will exceed all your expectations.

And that is precisely why you will feel great here and can enjoy your precious vacation days to the fullest. The Tara’s Lodge Boutique Hotel and Korcula Hills Resort teams are fully committed to this philosophy. Let yourself be pampered by service that could not be more personal. Experience Croatian hospitality at the highest level.

We look forward to making your stay with Korcula Adventures unforgettable!