Korcula Seafront Resorts

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The crystal-clear water gently laps at your feet. The constant waves are like a soothing caress, and while you gaze out over the sea, Mother Nature showcases all the nuances of blue: very light, almost white, over the beach pebbles at your feet to azure in the open sea and deep lapis lazuli on the horizon. The scattered white clouds in the sky inspire the imagination. It’s an impressive spectacle that you can hardly tear yourself away from… The beauty of our  both  Korcula Seafront Resorts  can hardly be described. Here on the private beaches of Boutiqe Taras Lodge Hotel and Korcula Hils La Banja Resort , you can enjoy this splendor from a front row seat. With around 4,000 m2, it is located in a natural bay. Shaded by a beautiful pine and olive trees , you can enjoy exclusive relaxation and swimming fun  especially  most wanted insagram photo on  a  famous Sea swing which will exceed all your expectations.

Recreation, relaxation, and pure enjoyment – this a day on both of ours Korcula Seafront Resorts. The beach bar in Korcula Hills La Banja is  in a charming natural wood house provides delicious refreshments. How about homemade lemonade, soft drinks, cold beer, iced tea, or even a glass of Champagne? Along with small snacks and finger foods, we will also pamper you with our barbecue grill.

And that is precisely why you will feel great here and can enjoy your precious vacation days to the fullest. Our entire team In Taras Lodge Boutique Hotel and Korcula Hills La Banja Resort is committed to this philosophy. Let yourself be pampered by service that could not be more personal. Experience Croatian hospitality of the highest level.

We look forward to making your stay in our two Seafront Resorts unforgettable!