Plitvice Lakes

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Perhaps the most recognizable UNESCO-listed national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes are made of 16 cascading lakes and travertine waterfalls, together with endemic flora and fauna, they make a thriving ecosystem. Plitvice is breathtakingly beautiful all year round, showing change of seasons, making them a must-see whatever the time of your visit.

Plitvice lakes croatia
Plitvice lakes in autumn

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park is an untouched natural beauty as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s the country’s largest and oldest national park, with an expansive nature reserve that covers 295sq km and lays between the historical cities of Zagreb and Zadar. This famous tourist attraction is one of the most beautiful National Parks in all Eastern Europe and welcomes approximately 1.2 million visitors every year. The park’s landmark centerpiece is Veliki Slap waterfalls; this magnificent limestone canyon measures an impressive 78 meters of height.

During the civil war of 1991, the parkland used to be a base for the headquarters of the rebel Serbs. It took four years after the war ended for the land to become re-established as a nature reserve. Today, Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia’s top tourist attraction and can brag with a stunning network of 16 intertwined terraced lakes, 90 cascading waterfalls, and beautifully preserved woodlands and forests. The park’s abundance of jewel-like emerald, turquoise, azure, and aquamarine, clear waters is encircled by an endless wooden boardwalk that bends around the shimmering water’s edge. The fantastic colors of the crystal clear water are due to its natural mineral structure.

If you love nature or animals and enjoy spending your time outside, you will quickly experience Plitvice Lakes as an ideal paradise. While being on your adventure exploring the beautiful natural scenery, look out for the indigenous deer, wolves, bears, and rare bird species. To fully appreciate and explore the wonderland, We would recommend that you set aside 3-4 hours to see all the landmark attractions on foot. Pack a snack or a picnic and find the perfect picturesque spot for a break. Although swimming in the lakes is prohibited, you can still explore the water by hiring a boat and sail across Lake Kozjak. This UNESCO World Heritage site is filled with exceptional photo opportunities everywhere you look.

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