Zagreb Tours by Korcula Adventures

As the capital and the biggest city of Croatia, Zagreb is the cultural and economic center of the country. It’s a typical Central European city of Austro-Hungarian heritage, with classicist and secessionist facades and green parks. Zagreb is full of museums, galleries, theatres, and restaurants – plenty to satisfy your inner culture vulture.

Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb is the capital and most populated city in Croatia. The cultural and economic center of the country shows its Austro-Hungarian heritage, together with impressive landmark attractions that date back centuries. The city center is adorned with stunning green parks and classicist and secessionist facades. There is a museum, theatre, gallery, or elegant restaurant on every street corner. If you’re a history lover, Zagreb provides plenty of attractions to catch your interest and delight you. There are more museums in Zagreb than in any other city in the world.

Located in the heart of Zagreb is the historic Old Town, separated into two halves – Gornji (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town). While touring the Upper Town, you can admire the spectacular Gothic architecture of the twin-spire Zagreb Cathedral and the iconic 13th-century church of St Mark. In the Lower Town, step on to the main square of Ban Jelacic and soak up the locals’ lifestyle as you relax and watch the people walking around. The pedestrian zone of Tkalčićeva Street brims with great alfresco coffee bars, restaurants, and shops.

Zagreb is the perfect destination for a weekend city break or an active vacation that combines visits to many cultural places. Its prime location and transport make it easy to access even sights that are situated a little off the central area. If you prefer to stay inside the city, Zagreb offers a diverse variety of entertainment options that you can enjoy throughout the day, If you prefer to stay in the city. Visit the historical landmarks, museums, galleries, and enjoy lunch in a stylish restaurant, maybe even head to the shopping district, and treat yourself. If you have the entire evening to explore the city’s cultural attractions, lively bars, and enjoy the traditional Croatian cuisine served in the famous local restaurants.