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As the birthplace of Marco Polo, this small fortified town, ruled by the Venetians in the past, has an ingenious layout, shaped as a fishbone, both to protect from the strong winds cooling down the houses in winter and to increase the air circulation in the summer. The outer walls serve as a promenade, offering beautiful views of Pelješac peninsula’s vineyards, perfect for a romantic dinner.

Korcula island boat tours
Korcula island boat tours

Believed to be the birthplace of the globally known world explorer – Marco Polo, the island of Korčula is rich in scenic little villages, thriving vineyards, and olive groves. With its idyllic quiet coves and picturesque bays, Korčula is a Croatian island that you must discover for yourself. The island is stretched out over dense and dark pine forests and sunny sandy beaches. Islands’ name comes from the original Greek settlers who named this beauty spot Korkyra Melaina (Black Corfu).

Fortified Old Town is the heart of Korcula, which was previously ruled by the Venetians. The outer part of the defensive walls of the town serves as a promenade and offers breath-taking views of the Pelješac peninsula. Korcula Town intertwines history, tradition, and heritage. It’s not unusual to stumble upon the sight of ancient religious ceremonies, folk music performances, and colorful street dances. Wander along the narrow, twisted alleyways and explore the ingenious layout of the fishbone patterned streets of the medieval town.

The vineyards that are strewn all over Korcula cultivate the native grape pošip, widely used to make the best wines in Croatia. If you are a wine lover, joining a wine tasting tour to sample the high-quality wines will be a great way to relax and learn about the islands’ winemaking tradition. Guided tours, day trips, and expeditions are an excellent choice for exploring charming villages, little towns, and neighboring islands. Admire the breath-taking natural attraction of Vela Spila by visiting Vela Luka. Sail away to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the privacy of secluded coves. You can also board the ferry for a return trip to Brac, Hvar, Mljet, Solta, or Vis. On your exciting Croatia cruise adventure, you will discover why Korcula is one of the most popular south Dalmatia destinations.

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