Balkan holidays can be fantastic: visit the pearls of the Adriatic
Thinking about summertime in the Balkans?!? Balkan holidays can be a Great idea! You are more than welcome. Since the Adriatic has so many beautiful places to visit it is not easy to choose just one destination that will fit you the best. We understand that you might want to see as many places as possible – but don’t make the mistake of overbooking your time and make your holiday into a hard marathon instead of a pleasant and comfortable time in the Balkans.

At Korcula Adventure we have a lot of experience with a wide range of tours. We are listening to our guest every day: what they like the most, what they miss on their Balkan holidays, what they love and what they don’t love about their stay. Having all those inputs in mind we are trying to create perfectly tailored tours. That’s how we have put together our tour called “the best of Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.”

Balkan holidays Dubrovnik

On this tour, we will visit a lot of places, islands and a National Park, but we will have enough time to enjoy, to relax, to have a fun in the sun! You don’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of everything, places to stay, tickets, food, excursion, guides at every excursion, skippers, and transfers – literally everything!

Balkan holidays Split

Our Balkan tour starts at Split airport. We will meet you and take you to one of Split’s most prestigious boutique hotels located right in the heart of the old town. After check-in comes sightseeing and exploring the city and a five-course dinner at Split’s finest restaurant for a welcome. Yes, we will eat a lot on this tour – who wouldn’t with all those fresh and tasty Mediterranean specialities. ?

The second day is for Plitvice lakes! The beauty of this magical place is too hard to explain with words. Whatever we write about this park cannot do it justice. Even pictures aren’t enough!

After Plitvice lakes, we move on Korcula, and from there have 5 days to explore the islands around. We plan to include Mljet, Lastovo, Vis and Hvar. There will be time for adventures, for cruising on the sea, and for the beach. During this Villa & Yachting combo, you will stay at our 5-star Villa Balcony. We will sail to our destinations on our Motor Yacht.

Apart from the islands we have to visit one more place, Dubrovnik. Believe us – there is no better feeling than waking up in the villa, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and knowing that today you are going to see the spectacularly beautiful city of Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

Dubrovnik will be the last Croatian place we visit. Now it’s time for the next Balkan holiday destination – Bosnia. We go on the Medjugorje tour and to Mostar city. Those places are completely different from all the places we have mentioned here. Medjugorje is a place of Catholic pilgrimage and Mostar is a beautiful little city famous for its historic bridge and the oriental quarter with its fascinating old bazaar.