The Best Beaches you must visit in Korcula

Croatia is a country known for its well-preserved nature and beautiful weather. The combination of these two things is exactly what the best beaches in the world are made of. Looking for such a place? Head to Korcula! Here are five of the most amazing beaches that you can’t miss when visiting Korcula Island:


Proizd is a beach located in the northern tip of the tiny islet of the same name. The small island is located right off the western peninsula of Vela Luka. Some refer to Proizd as the best beach in Croatia, which is a name that it has lived up to. The small, secluded, and peaceful stony beach provides a quiet escape from the crazy lifestyle of modern life. The island used to be known by only the locals and a handful of tourists, but as the world became more interconnected, this little paradise grew in popularity among travelers from all over the world. You can still find a number of other beaches along this tiny island where you won’t have to worry about having your peace disturbed. You can walk around the island to see the wonderful rock formations that the local people refer to as “bok.”

Balato Bay is where the water is the calmest, so if you have young children traveling with you, this bay is the best place to take them.

Korcula sendy beach


Even though Proizd may be further away from Korcula town, it’s still much more accessible than Vaja — a small beach located just a short distance away from Račišće in the north of Korcula island. Driving there isn’t much of a problem but getting to the beach is a challenge. You will have to climb down to the beach from a steep hill and take a short walk through the rocky track. If you don’t have any issues getting down from the carpark to the beach, the climb up will surely get you, but we can assure you that your efforts will be worth it. Vaja beach is a moon-shaped beach that overlooks the channel between continental Croatia and Korcula island, making the water here calm and peaceful, perfect for an afternoon of relaxation.


Kneža beach sits off the northern exit off of the road that leads to Račišće. It sits in the middle between Korcula town and Vaja, so if you’re planning to do some beach hopping, this should be your second destination on your way to the one at the end of the road. Due to its accessibility, Kneža is typically quite crowded during high season. Despite this fact, it’s a rather large size allows you to find some peace and quiet if you’re willing to walk up the beach. As the beach only has one access point, people usually stay near that area. Head to the western end of the beach if you’re looking for a little bit more peace and serenity. Keep in mind that there’s very little shade near the beach, so you will need to bring enough sunscreen and perhaps an umbrella if necessary.


Vrbovica is a bay situated only a few kilometers away from the center of Korcula town. There are many rock formations that separate the sandy beaches from one another, which means that there are small beaches for you to choose from. Although the main beach is usually popular with tourists, the smaller ones that line the bay area are typically quite secluded and private even during high season. There are activities such as sailing and canoeing that you can do to explore the bay area. You can get to the beach incredibly easily, as it’s located right off the main road. The road is the same one that will take you to Kneža and Vaja. There are hostels, share houses, and campgrounds in the area, making Vrbovica one of the prime locations for backpackers to spend the night while they’re touring Korcula.

Uvala Luka

Finally, the beaches of Uvala Luka are some of the best around. The best thing about them is that they’re located just a walking distance away from Korcula town! The beaches are situated off the south-eastern end of the town area where the Port 9 Resort is, making it the first beach you should visit on your beach hopping trip around Korcula. The downside of these beaches is that almost all of them will be crowded most of the time, even during the off-season. The fact that it’s near the city is both a downside and a benefit, as you can enjoy the beach life during the day and head back to the city for a night full of exciting activities!

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