Top 3 Activities to Do in Orebić

Orebić is an ancient town in Croatia located near Dubrovnik. It’s a town that plays a significant role in the history of Croatia, especially during the feudal period in the middle ages. Orebić was founded in the early 16th century, back when Dubrovnik was the capital of a self-governing republic called Ragusa.

It was a trading hub for merchants from both the east and the west, making it a town with a thriving economy. The Republic of Ragusa fell to the French invasion led by Napoleon in 1814, but it was left unharmed by the emperor of France. Today, Orebić is known for its vineyards, olive groves, and summer homes. If you’re planning to visit the town, here are three activities that you should most definitely do while you are there:

Korcula Old Town

Learn About the Sea Faring Past at the Maritime Museum

As mentioned, Orebić has always been a port town. Its culture and history are deeply rooted in its nature as a trading post for centuries. The Maritime Museum is the place that holds the pieces of the town’s history from its founding days and the thriving period under the rule of the Ragusa Republic, to the time when the French took over. In the museum, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about old trade routes, discover ancient sailing techniques, and hear stories from sailors of the time.

Visit the Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels

Orebić has always been a town of the Catholic faith with much of what remains from the old days of the church is still visible today. One of the most notable constructions from the 17th century is the Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels. During sunset, you can see the orange light reflect on the pastel-tan color of the stone and the red tiled-roofs, giving it a beautiful golden glow. The walk from the town up to the church is quite long and steep, but we can assure you that it’s definitely worth it. You will get to see the heritage of the days long past that has been frozen in time for the younger generations to see.

Surfing in Viganj

There are not that many locations in Southern Europe where you can surf and enjoy water sports, as the seas are quite calm in the area. This is what makes the Pelješac Peninsula so unique. The wind and the waves here are perfect for water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, and paragliding, attracting travelers from across Europe.

Viganj is the best location for these extreme activities, as the wide beach has no trench against the rushing wind. What better place for an adrenaline junky? If you prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenery, however, the quiet beach of Trstenica is an excellent choice. You can lay around and relax with your favorite book while watching the world go by before your eyes.

These are far from the only things Orebić has to offer, as it’s a hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea that you will definitely want to explore for yourself. If you’re planning to travel to the Pelješac Peninsula, Korcula Adventures is your best place to book your travels.

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