Things To Do While In Korcula – Our Guide

Korcula may be a small unassuming island but it packs a punch among visitors and ranks among their favorite island destinations. A stop in Korcula, even if just for a day, should be on every travelers’ to-go list whenever they are in Croatia because this island is truly beautiful. Plus, they have some incredible wine!

There are plenty of things to do in Korcula as seen with the variety of people it caters to history lovers, Instagram photographers, wine drinkers, couples, and adventurers. The island is also the place of interest for interesting myths such as being the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo and the alleged source of rocks used to build the White House.

Whether you plan to visit or not, one thing that you should know is that the island’s name is correctly pronounced as “KOR-chu-la.” This will spare you from the embarrassment during your stay. Read this guide to discover things that you can do in Korcula to make your couple of days on this wonderful island unforgettable.

Korcula Old Town

Take a leisurely walk around Old Town Korcula

The Old Town of Korcula is a quaint small town whose old-fashioned vibe gives it its dainty charm. The small town can be toured in half a day or less by foot. You’ll find all the restaurants, shopping lanes, and top island attractions quite easily in the Old Town. Don’t forget to visit the Church of St. Nicholas and feast your eyes upon the best views of the surrounding Adriatic Sea and of the Dalmatian mountains in mainland Croatia.

Bike around the island

The best way to explore Korcula Island is to on two wheels. This is because you can get to visit the various places along the island at your own pace while getting to see as many breathtaking views of this Croatian island as possible. On a four-hour bike tour with a guide, you will be led to the island’s best wine tasting spots where you can drink the finest wines that the island is also known for. You’ll even learn about the long history and tradition of winemaking on Korcula! Aside from this, your guide will likely make a stop at a nearby secluded bay so that you can go swimming and cycle through the town of Lumbarda, a less-frequented tourist spot in the island.

Make sand castles or piled rock sculptures

Korcula Island has two kinds of beaches: sandy and rocky. The rocky beaches make up the majority of the island’s coast. If you want to feel sand sifting through your toes as you walk along the shore, however, head to Lumbarda town. The best rocky beaches are in Korcula town. In Lumbarda, the best sandy beaches are Vela Przina and Bilin Zal. You can make sand castles from the white sand there. The beach Zakrjan in Korcula town does have some sand. However, it is mostly made of blocks of rock while the Banje beach in that same town is pebbly. You could pile rocks into towers for fun and try balancing one rock over another while keeping your whole tower standing.

Go kayaking and island hopping

There are several small islands just off Korcula Island that is well worth visiting. They’re so easy to get to that you can rent a kayak and head out by yourself. That being said, we recommend asking the local boatmen first since it is, they who best whether the weather is suitable for island hopping. If you aren’t up for navigating the area on your own, investigate going on a boat tour or hiring a local to bring you to the best places.

Dip in the crystal-clear waters

Another reason why you should go kayaking and island hopping is that the surrounding islands have sparkling blue clear water where you can also enjoy some snorkeling. This is the perfect chance to greet the fish and crustaceans that live on Korcula’s seafloor. In the deeper snorkeling spots, you can also see shipwreck! Just ask the local boatmen where the shipwreck is. If you want to tour in style, hire a luxury boat so that you can sip on wine while going to different snorkeling spots.

Visit Marco Polo’s “house”

There is a popular myth in Croatia that the famous explorer, Marco Polo, was born in Korcula rather than in Venice. Bolstering that myth is the house where Marco Polo was allegedly born. Are you a fan of history? Well, this is the perfect chance to visit that house and judge for yourself! You can enter most of the sections of the house for free. If you want to head up to the view deck to look over the city, however, you will be asked to pay a small fee. Tours of the house are available from April through October. Even if you don’t stop by the house, we recommend that you drop by at the Marco Polo gift shop right across the street to buy knick-knacks and other interesting souvenirs.

Watch the sunset with a glass of wine in hand

Any sunset in Croatia should be enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand. Those in Korcula are no different. Get to watch the marvelous view of the sun setting into the gap of sea separating two adjacent mountains from the Maksimilijan Garden – it is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

If you’re planning to come to this wonderful island, Korcula Adventures is your best place to find the best deals in town. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.