Best winter holiday packages South Dalmatia can offer!

If you think that the summer is the only part of the year to enjoy the sea treasures and adventures, true nature lovers will probably undeceive you with their adventures winter sail stories you can easily try on your own by Korcula Adventure agency. Agency might be located on island Korcula but offering many tailor-made packages for memorable holidays on the whole South and Central Dalmatia, and regions around.

On the continent, and on the open sea, offering you to visit many attractive locations, different destinations, spent 10 or less days celebrating in adventures trips, and getting to know the surrounding by car, bike, boat and even best private yacht in Croatia where you can spend memorable holidays sailing around and discovering all nature-adventure points, which in Dalmatia actually have a lot. But it’s not all, because the agency offering many different packages, for different wishes and type of guests, and, of course, an excellent place to stay in stylish 5 stars Captain’s Villa on Korcula, where the base is.

Korcula Old Town

So, all you need is make a wish and choose from one of the best Croatian Holiday Packages, directed by Korcula Adventures Team.

If you want to explore most valuable Croatian treasures and islands, such are islands Mljet, Lastovo, Hvar, Vis, visiting Dubrovnik and even Plitvice Lake, seek for a package named Croatian Pearls.

If you are more like for seven days hedonistic stay in our villa, with daily trips via our luxury motor yacht, discovering wild surroundings on the open sea, including the less ‘wild’ touristic pearls, Croatia Yachting & Villa combo package is right for you.

Although the Croatia Family Multi-Activity Package might sound like it was created mostly for the summer season, don’t worry for the active staying, because, there’s plenty of fun and beauty your family can experience in South Dalmatia even in winter.

If you like to boost your adrenalin during holidays, package Croatia Islands Hike and Bike will be attractive enough for you, even if it’s not magical summer, with a simple explanation – winters in Dalmatia aren’t cold and strong as you might use to.

For true sea lovers, we also have great Croatia Fishing Holiday Package offering you to stay in a cozy 5 star Captain’s Villa on Korcula, with daily trips to most fantastic fishing locations with our speed motor yacht.

If the adrenalin is not what you are seeking for, maybe romance will be a better invitation, especially if you’re planning your honeymoon. With ours Croatia Honeymoon Rhapsody your dreams will come true.

Like it will also be if you’re planning to celebrate an anniversary of any kind since we also have a package for it. It ‘s named Croatian Anniversary Extravaganza, and including staying in our Korcula based Villa and a luxury yacht on your service.

Enjoy your holidays!